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Do you need an AC inspection or repair for your car, SUV, or light truck? Powertune Auto Repair LLC. is the place customers in Nampa, ID come to for their light truck, SUV, and car AC repair needs. Our auto AC repair experts capably inspect, evaluate, recharge, and repair AC systems. Our qualified mechanics are equipped to handle a full range of AC system services and to perform the required repairs to keep your vehicle’s air conditioning in good working order.

We hope you will make Powertune Auto Repair LLC. your preferred auto air conditioning service provider for maintenance and repairs. Our basic air conditioning service includes an inspection of the AC system. We believe an ounce of prevention is cheaper than a pound of cure.

As part of our basic service, we:

• Tighten Hose Connections and Adjust Belts, as Needed
• Electronically Test for Leaks
• Service R134A Refrigerant System, as Needed

To charge the system fully, some vehicles may require a recharge of the entire system. Our mechanics are trained to handle any AC service, completing the work correctly the first time. They use their many years of experience to deliver the services you need. As with our other services, we only perform authorized work; and we offer great rates for our air conditioning services.

If you need a reliable AC repair service in Nampa, ID, call now or contact Powertune Auto Repair LLC. for a free quote and an objective evaluation of the services you may need. Alternatively, come visit our auto shop in Nampa, ID!